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Log sorting line


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Log sorting line

Log sorting line

You can buy a log sorting line from us - the manufacturer's price, own production, we take into account any customer's wishes.

500000 RUB

Video Log sorting line

Video of the log sorting line operation.

Log sorting line

Avangard, LLC has developed and started serial production of two modifications of log disconnectors and their sorting lines.

One of the modifications of mechanical equipment for sorting small-diameter (up to 300 mm) wood was developed for pallet production in which the Termit milling machine is used as the main cutting equipment.

The cutting tool block of this machine is adjusted to handle a certain range of diameters of raw material. Therefore, the round wood sorting line has a built-in unit for cutting logs along their length that is divisible by the dimensions of the pallet elements, with distribution of the obtained round wood segments in accordance with their diameter into the pockets.

The sorted raw material with a length of 2.4 to 3.6 m is loaded into the storage pocket of the log disconnector, by means of which it is fed to a conveyor that moves it to the processing zone of the Termit machine, where it is cut into edge-surfaced lumber.