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Pallet assembly jigs

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Pallet assembly jigs

Pallet assembly jigs

It is more convenient to buy a conductor for pallet Assembly from the manufacturer. Reasonable prices, own production. We take into account any wishes of the customer.

210000 RUB

Video of work on the table for making pallets

Video-assembling pallets on a table for making pallets.

The set consists of three universal jigs, each of which is used to perform the simplest technological operation.

1. Jig for assembling pallet feet. You can assemble six feet simultaneously (a set of two pallets).

2. Jig for assembling a pallet pad.

3. Jig for general assembly of pallets (nailing the pallet feet with the pad).

For the convenience of the operator, the design allows you to change the slope angle of the jig (0°, 43°, 51°, 60°).

This allows you to optimize the process of pallet assembly, to get high productivity of the site when using a pneumatic tool. The jig is a rigid metal structure with a set of elements that allow you to reconfigure the line for assembly of each type of pallet.

Nomenclature and dimensions of standard assembled pallets
europallet L×W×H, mm 144×800×1200
the finpalleta L×W×H, mm 144×1000×1200
the finpalleta L×W×H, mm 144×1200×1200

To manufacture a conductor for other dimensions, you must provide a drawing of the pallet.

Technical characteristics of the mounting table for the production of pallets

Overall dimensions (one of the conductor)
width mm 1570
length with conductor lowered mm 1400
maximum length when the conductor is raised mm 1080
height when the lowered conductor mm 905
maximum height when the conductor is raised mm 1820
The angle of elevation of the conductor (4 positions) degree 0; 43; 51; 60
Nomenclature and dimensions of pallets to be assembled (L×W×H)
europallet mm 144×800×1200
the finpalleta mm 144×1000×1200
the finpalleta mm 144×1200×1200
P2 or 2PV2 GOST 9078-84
minimum size mm 72×680×690
maximum size mm 144×1200×1450
Weight kg 155