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Master-3000 electronic scale stick

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Master-3000 electronic scale stick

Master-3000 electronic scale stick

Here you can buy an electronic line Master 3000, manufacturer's price. Own production, the most favorable delivery terms, we take into account all the wishes of the buyer.

42000 RUB
AvangardMaster 3000

The Master-3000 electronic scale stick is used as a separate electronic block on horizontal bandsaw sawmills. It is designed to determine the distance of vertical movement of the saw blade when setting the size (thickness) of boards to be cut.

The practicability of its application is due to the fact that by setting the thickness of boards, the operator no longer needs to use visual control tools (rulers, forms, etc.), the operator does not have to carry out arithmetic operations and calculations. The electronic scale stick allows the operator to significantly save time needed to set necessary dimensions, which, as a result, increases labor productivity, reduces the number of defective products and wood overspending.

The electronic scale stick can be installed both on a new bandsaw machine and also on the existing one.

Specifications of Master-3000 electronic scale stick

Parameter Value
Distance measurement accuracy, not less than ± 0,1 mm
Maximum size 1000 mm
Temperature range − 30°С … + 35°С
Sensor type Autonics incremental encoder or equivalent