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LRP-1200-5-LD cellular concrete cutting line

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LRP-1200-5-LD cellular concrete cutting line

LRP-1200-5-LD cellular concrete cutting line

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2300000 RUB

LRP-1200-5-LD cellular concrete cutting line

Video of cellular concrete cutting line Avangard LRP-1200-5 LD.

The design of the line includes a table 20 m long with guide rails, on which 14 monoblock units are simultaneously displayed. On the rail guides of the table, two saw blocks are placed for longitudinal and transverse sawing of the monoblock. The drives for moving saw blocks on the guide rails are independent.

The saw block is a frame on which two lifting beams are mounted. A horizontal band saw head is mounted on the first beam, and a saw head with 4 circular saw blades is installed on the second beam. In the process of moving along the guide rails of the block for rip-sawing, its head carries out layer-by-layer cutting of all the installed blocks at a predetermined thickness (100-200 mm), and the block circular head produces longitudinal vertical cutting to a depth of a layer cut with a band saw head, forming in this case the width of the blocks — 300 mm.

The saw block for crosscutting is a frame with a lifting beam, on which the saw head is located with three circular saw blades moving along the guides of the beam in the transverse direction. Moving along the guide rails of the table, the block is positioned according to the signs opposite each monoblock, and with cross motion of the circular saw blades, it cuts the monoblock forming the length of the sawn blocks equl to 600 mm. Thus, after sawing, on each monoblock there can be found six sawn off blocks with dimensions of 200×300×600 mm. After removing the blocks and placing them on pallets, the sawing process is repeated.

Technical specifications of the Avangard-LRP-1200-5-LD cellular concrete cutting line

1. Saw block B1
1.1 Installed power of electric motors kW 9,6
1.2 Overall dimensions mm 2500×2150×1670
2 Saw block B2
2.1 Installed power of electric motors kW 7,75
2.2 Overall dimensions mm 2590×2460×1610
3. Assembled table with guide rails
3.1 Overall dimensions mm 1250×515×20000
4. Line footprint m 24×4,5
5. Size of the monoblocks to be cut
5.1 width   height   length mm 930×1050×930
5.2 Number of blocks placed on the table pc 14
6. Line capacity m3/hour 6700