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Main products of Limited Liability Company Avangard are log-processing equipment of different types and assignments, as well as near-machine equipment and mechanical means for sawing processes. That is why the Customer can acquire both separate chosen equipment unit and assemble processing line with any mechanization level using our equipment.

Since 1999 our company is a sole Russian distributor of Sweden company Hakansson Sawblades AB which is a famous world producer of bandsaws for different materials. That is why we also produce a wide range of bandsaw equipment for sawmilling. You can buy bandsaws of any assignment both directly from the factory and in our numerous regional representative offices.

One more type of equipment produced by Limited Liability Company Avangard are semi-automatic lines for production and cutting laminate materials, in particular, sandwich panels (SIP-panels) used for constructions of houses other buildings for different purposes.

In 2011-2012 гг. machine-tool builder Avangard elaborated a new range of sawmill equipment and mechanical means, which allow creating sawing productions of new generation combined with series-produced equipment. New machines – squaring machine “Avangard LP-80 2B”, recuts “Avangard LP-80 D”, “Avangard LP-80 D2”, “Avangard LP-80 D6” and multiple saw edge-trimming machine “Avangard SDK-6” – allowed changing sawmilling technology essentially. The above mentioned equipment allows assemble sawing lines of both long-sized and short-cut wood.

Long-sized wood sawing line scheme

Sawmilling technology

Timbers are fed from accumulative ramp with batch feeder to intermediate conveyer which delivers them to chain conveyer of squaring machine. Two-side edged cants (half timbers) received at squaring machine come to half timber distribution area for multiple saw machines, which saw them to edged boards. After slabbing, log-slabs are delivered by belt conveyers to two-head recut, which saw them to unedged boards, which, in turn, are processed into edge-surfaced lumber by multiple saw edge-trimming machine. Edged boards from two parallel sawmilling flows are divided into piles, then trimmed and or cut out along the length at the package end facer.

Short-cut wood sawing line scheme

Sawmilling technology

For short-cut wood of 1.2 – 2.5m long you do not need ramp with batch feeder. Raw material is fed into squaring machine from near-machine ramp. The technological process is divided into two stages. At the first stage there is slabbing with receiving half-timber and two log-slabs. Log-slabs are processed at the recut with return conveyor to unedged boards, which are then processed into edged boards at edge-trimming machine. At the second stage half-timber received at the first stage is reslabbed and sliced into four-edged and three-edged cants which are processed into are processed at the recut.


Disk multiripsaw machine «Avangard-МD-16»

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