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Sharpening device PZSL 30/60 OPTIMA

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Sharpening device PZSL 30/60 OPTIMA

Sharpening device PZSL 30/60 OPTIMA

PZSL 30/60 OPTIMA — CBN machine for the automatic sharpening of band saws profile of El'bor borazon material wheels, borisovym circles.

58000 RUB
AvangardPZSL 30/60 OPTIMA

Video of sharpening device PZSL 30/60 OPTIMA

Video of the sharpening device PZSL 30/60 OPTIMA.

PZSL 30/60 OPTIMA is a borazon machine for automatic sharpening of band saw blades with profiled CBN (borazon) wheels.

PZSL 30/60 OPTIMA has the same functionality, it is as reliable and easy-to-use as its predecessor PZSL 30/60.

Fast and precise sharpening of the saw blade teeth is always guaranteed.

The main characteristics.
The resource of one wheel is enough to sharpen at least 10 km of the saw blade or for a year of operation of one sawmill.
The saw blade along its entire length is obtained with a completely threaded and absolutely identical profile of each tooth without burns, fine irregularities and sanding marks, that is, without stress points.
The resource of saw blades sharpened by a profiled wheel increases by 2-3 times. The saw blade teeth grinding is done together with oil cooling.
Training on how to operate the machine takes no more than 20 minutes.
The machine body is made on the basis of a frame with a detachable tray for oil.
Серийный выпуск идет для сети 220 В. Станки на 380 В делаются под заказ.
Узлы станка рассчитаны на долговременную и качественную заточку 20-30 пил в день.
Serial production is for 220 V network. Machines for 380 V are made to order. The machine components are designed for long-term and high-quality sharpening of 20-30 saw blades per day. 3 beams are installed in the machine, respectively, the maximum length of the sharpened saw blade is 6 m.
Friction bearings are installed in the mating units.

Specifications of PZSL 30/60 OPTIMA automatic full profile sharpener

Parameter Value
Band saw blade width, mm 30-60
Length band saw blades, m до 6
Band saw pitch, mm 19, 22, 25
Size alborough profile grinding wheel 127 × 12,7 х pitch (19, 22, 25)
The tooth profile of the band saw any
The oil container 4 l
Sharpening time of the saw length 4026 mm 7 min
Power requirements 220 V 50 Hz, 250 W
Overall dimensions, mm 600 × 400 × 500
The maximum length of the beam, m 1
Weight, kg 35