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Universal power-operated guides

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Band sawmill Avangard-LP-80 S. E. N.

Band sawmill Avangard-LP-80 S. E. N.

Here you can buy a band sawmill Avangard-LP-80 S. E. N. own production. Designed for longitudinal sawing of logs up to 800 mm.

1290000 RUB
AvangardLP-80 S. E. N.

Video of the Avangard-LP-80 S. E. N. band sawmill with mechanized guides

Video of the Avangard-LP-80 S.E. N. band sawmill in the existing shop at our customer.


Universal power-operated guides

The guides are equipped with mechanisms for log loading, its turning, longitudinal movement and fixation. All these mechanisms have a hydraulic drive and are controlled by the operator from a single control panel.

The ability to easily handle raw materials increases the productive capacity of the sawing process.

These universal guides can be used for mounting saw heads of LP-80 S.E.N. sawmills.