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Avangard LP-80-2B-D log sawing machine

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Avangard LP-80-2B-D log sawing machine

Avangard LP-80-2B-D log sawing machine

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Video of the log sawing machine Avangard LP-80-2B-D

Video of the Avangard LP-80-2B-D log sawing machine during operation.

The Avangard-LP-80-2B vertical band headrigs are designed for sawing logs with a diameter of up to 450 mm from any wood species, including hardwoods, into two- and four-edged cant using band saw blades corresponding to different wood species and diameters. Sawing is performed in a vertical plane by moving the log along the chain conveyor relative to two vertical stationary band saw heads.

The headrig does not require a special foundation and, if you have certain equipment installation skills, it is installed on a rigid flat base in a short period of time. In terms of design, the machine consists of two vertical band saw heads assembled on a common frame with the ability to adjust the distance between the band saw blades in the range of 80-450 mm. By changing the length of the conveyor and using various options, the machine can be adjusted to saw wood of any length.

Vertical band headrig adjusted for sawing longwood - Avangard LP-80-2B-D.

This modification of the headrig (Pic. 1) is completed with a conveyor 12 m long. At the inlet of the sawing area and at the outlet, three pneumatic clamps are mounted on a special bar; they are made in the form of cutout disks, which, in combination with the tooth elements of the chain conveyor, provide precise positioning of the log during the sawing process. Logging slabs, obtained in the process of squaring of 6-meter raw materials, have a significant weight, so for their transportation to the re-saw machine, on both sides of the chain conveyor on a common under frame there shall be mounted two belt conveyors (Pic. 2) feeding the logging slabs to the roller-type roll tables of the re-saw machine. On the same under frame, there shall be mounted the feeding ramp mechanisms with a half-timber pusher, with the help of which half-timber is loaded to multi blade saw machines.

Note!. Using this modification of the headrig, you can also cut shortwood but for its sawing there is a simplified modification of the machine.

Technical specifications of the Avangard LP-80-2B-K log sawing machine

Parameter Values
Length of raw material to be cut, no more than, m 6,5
Diameter of the raw material to be cut, no more than, mm 450
Diameter of saw pulleys, mm 660
Minimum distance between saws, mm 95
Maximum distance between saws, mm 450
Width of the saw band, mm 38-51
Saw belt speed, m/sec 30
The speed of the feeding conveyor (stepless), m/min 1-20
Engine power, kW 2 × 11
Machine dimensions, no more W × H × D 2,8 × 2,7 × 12,3
Machine weight, not more than, kg 2300