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Avangard-KS-50-EK circular sawmill

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Avangard-KS-50-EK circular sawmill

Avangard-KS-50-EK circular sawmill

Here you can buy a disk sawmill Avangard-KS-50-EK of own production. Designed for sawing with two circular saws of round raw materials Ø up to 500 mm and up to 6.2 m long.

550 000 RUB

Video of Avangard-KS-50-EK disk sawmill

Video of Avangard - KS-50-EK disk sawmill operation.

The sawmill is designed for sawing circular raw materials with circular saws with a diameter from 100 to 320 mm (sawing large diameters is performed with an additional intermediate edging of the log, with the condition that the cutting width is 300 mm). Raw material length up to 6.2 m.

The frame of the spatial saw carriage is welded from light profile pipes. The saw Assembly includes two horizontal circular saws with a diameter of 400 mm. Electromechanical drives for lifting and lowering the saw traverse and longitudinal movement are mounted on the movable carriage. Mechanisms for clamping sawn raw materials are screw. The clamp-release is performed by rotating the screw, which has the right and left threads, by means of a handle or a battery wrench. Edging is carried out manually, using a hook-edger in the "tray" formed by side clips, the height of which is changed by their tilt using the handle.

Specifications of Avangard-KS-50-PK circular sawmill

Parameter Value
Maximum log diameter:
- diameter 500 mm with edging, 300 mm in camber
- length from 2 to 6.2 meters
The saw carriage:
- diameter and amount of saw blades 2 × 400 mm, 2 × 250 mm
- power and amount of electric motors 2 × 11 kW, 1 × 4-5,5 kW
- the use of reverse reset of sawn material
- lifting / lowering electric drive
- horizontal travel drive / speed Electromechanical / up to 40 m / min
Saw carriage guides Non-mechanized
Setting the thickness of the board by electronic ruler
Method for loading and positioning raw materials to be cut manual using self-centering screw clips
Overall dimensions:
- length with guides 10,0 m
- width 1,4 m
- height 2,0 m
Weight of the machine 1540 kg
Completeness of delivery: the machine (saw blade + guides), as well as:
saw blade -
electronic ruler +
laser position indicator for horizontal saws -

The machines can be equipped with 7.5 kW electric motors.

In the summary table, you can compare the technical characteristics of circular saws.