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Avangard-LP-80 bandsaw sawmill

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Avangard-LP-80 bandsaw sawmill

Avangard-LP-80 bandsaw sawmill

Here You can buy a band sawmill Avangard-LP-80 own production. Designed for longitudinal sawing of logs up to Ø 800 mm.


Avangard-LP-80 band sawmill with debarker - video

Video of the work of the Avangard-LP-80 band sawmill with a debarker.


Video of Avangard-LP-80 band sawmill

Video of Avangard-LP-80 band sawmill operation.

The Avangard-LP-80 sawmill is equipped with enlarged saw pulleys with a diameter of 660 mm and an electromechanical drive of the saw carriage; it is designed for sawing logs with a diameter of up to 800 mm from any wood species (including hardwoods) into a beam, an edged, one-side edged and unedged board, as well as a rail using band saw blades, corresponding to different types and diameters of wood. Technical specifications of sawmills allow for radial and tangential sawing of logs, as well as split sawing or breakdown of logs. Sawing is done in the horizontal plane by moving the band saw blade along the guideway with the stationary position of the log being processed.

One of the main advantages of our sawmill is the design of the saw cross piece which provides two-support saw pulley shafts mount (and not single-sided support like most manufacturers can offer), which significantly reduces the load on them. The cross piece has a telescopic design with high rigidity and provides the convenience of hydraulic tension of band saw blades. The saw pulleys are made of high-quality castings and are well balanced.

Specifications of Avangard-LP-60 bandsav sawmill

Parameter Value
Maximum log diameter, mm 800
Log length, m 1 ... 6,5
Maximum sawing height (timber thickness), mm 380
Saw pulley diameter, mm 660
Saw blade width, mm 32, 38, 51
Bandsaw sawmill support type rollers
Saw carriage motion drive hand-operated and electric drive
Cross piece lifting/lowering drive Electric drive
Sawmill drive motor: type, power, kW electric motor, 11
Gross installed power capacity, kW 11
Saw carriage motion guide type standard
Overall dimensions L × W × H, m 8 × 2,2 × 2,05
Weight with guides, kg 1000

In the summary table, you can compare the technical characteristics of band saws.