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Mineral wool-cutting machine Avangard-LS-50-PL-A-2


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Mineral wool cutting machine Avangard LS-50-PL-A-2

Mineral wool-cutting machine Avangard-LS-50-PL-A-2

The machine is designed for sawing a package of mineral wool plates on the slats. Any customer's wishes. Favorable delivery terms, reasonable price.

680000 RUB

Video of Avangard LS-50-PL-a-2 mineral wool cutting machine

Video of the machine for cutting mineral wool Avangard LS-50-PL-A-2.

The machine is designed for sawing a package of mineral-cotton plates on lamellas. The principle of operation: A package of mineral-cotton plates is placed on an automated feeding table. The supply of a package of plates to the cutting zone is carried out by a programmable pusher. Sawing is performed by moving the vertical band saw assembly along calibrated guides. The lamellae separated from the package remain on the stationary machine table, from where they are removed from the cutting zone by the reverse stroke of the saw assembly.

Technical specifications of the Avangard-LS-50-PL-A-2 machine for sawing mineral wool slabs

Parameter Value
Thickness of workpieces to be processed (in a pile), not more than 600 mm
The width of the workpieces to be processed (in a package), no more than 1200 mm
The length of the processed workpieces (the length of the cut) 2400 mm
Thickness of the cut part 20 — 600 mm
Density of cut mineral wool 30 — 220 kg/m³
Feeding the workpiece to the size of the cut part automatic
The speed of movement of the saw assembly (smoothly adjustable) 0 — 20 m/min
Saw blade drive power 5,5 kW
Diameter of the saw pulleys 660 mm
Saw blade width 27; 34 mm