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Lift «Compact»

Price:  2045 ; 2432


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Lift «Compact»

Lift «Compact»

«Compact» lift from the manufacturer. Auxiliary equipment for wood processing.

180000 RUB

Video of the lift «Compact»

Video of the «Compact» lift during operation.

Video of the Avangard-RM-50-M3 multi-saw machine, equipped with a Compact lift and a carriage centralizer

Video of the multi-saw machine Avangard-RM-50-M3.


The Avangard-Compact lift is an incidental equipment designed for lifting timber into the loading zone of AVANGARD-RM-50 multi blade saws and modifications. The lift does not require a special foundation and, if you have certain equipment installation skills, it is installed on a rigid flat base for 1 ... 1.5 hours. It is aggregated with feed roll tables. The feeding is carried out vertically, which allows to vary the size of the storage bunker at the request of the customer.