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Avangard-SDK-6 edge-trimming machine

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Avangard-SDK-6 edge-trimming machine

Avangard-SDK-6 edge-trimming machine

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510000 RUB

Video of the Avangard-SDK-6 multi-saw edging machine

Video of the Avangard-SDK-6 multi-saw edging machine during operation

The edge-trimming machine is designed for cutting edges of an unedged board. Up to ten circular saw blades can be installed on the machine shaft, so you can simultaneously cut edges of several boards of the same thickness. A laser pointer is mounted on the bracket in the section line of each saw blade, which allows the operator to position each unedged board to obtain an edged board of the specified size. The distance between the circular saw blades is set by spacers. Installation of the saw doctor is carried out at the open end of the saw shaft through an open door in the machine frame. The lower support spiked rollers and upper press gummed rollers are power-driven, which ensures a good capture of a board and its precise positioning during the sawing process.

Technical specifications of the Avangard-SDK-6 edge-trimming machine

Parameter Unit of Values
Thickness of the processed board mm 16...60
Width of the processed board mm до 900*
Length of the processed board m 0,9...6
Width of the resulting edged board mm 50...650*
Amount of disk saws to install pc. до 10*
Diameter of the disc saws used mm 350
Speed of rotation of circular saws rpm 2910
Cut width mm 3,5**
Feed speed (adjustable) m/min до 20***
Main motor power kW 15
Power of the feed drive motor kW 1,5
Voltage V 380
Dimensions of the machine without the feed and receiving tables, W×H×D, not more m 1,43×1,4×1,2
The feed and receiving conveyors****:
- length of one section
- width
- weight of one section, no more than


Machine weight without roller, no more than kg 1200

* The nominal sizes of the resulting edged boards and the number of installed circular saw blades shall be specified at order.
** The width of the saw kerf depends on the size of the installed circular saw blades.
*** The feed speed depends on many factors (wood species, humidity, etc., as well as the condition of the tool) and is limited by the load on the main electric motor. It is not allowed to operate the machine with a load of more than 30A on the main electric motor.
**** Not included in the standard supply package.