Home Sawmills Avangard-LP-80 S.E.N. bandsaw sawmill with standard guides

Avangard-LP-80 S.E.N. bandsaw sawmill with standard guides

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Avangard-LP-80 S.E.N. bandsaw sawmill with standard guides

Avangard-LP-80 S.E.N. bandsaw sawmill with standard guides

Here you can buy a band sawmill Avangard-LP-80 S. E. N. of its own production. Designed for longitudinal sawing of logs up to Ø 800 mm.

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AvangardLP-80 S.E.N. S

Video of a band sawmill Avangard-LP-80 S. E. N.

Video of the band sawmill; Avangard-LP-80 S. E. N..

The band sawmill "Avangard LP-80 S. E. N." has a different design compared to other sawmills of our production. With the creation of this sawmill, a domestic band sawmill with a saw belt width of up to 50 mm appeared, able to compete in its class with the best Western models produced by SERRA (Germany), WOOD-MIZER (USA), PEZZOLATO (Italy), etc.

The device of a sawmill. The movable carriage of the portal type sawmill is welded from powerful thick-walled profile pipes, which gives it rigidity and weight, preventing vibrations during the sawing process. A telescopic saw traverse with a two-support system for attaching saw pulleys with a diameter of 660 mm and a band saw hydraulic tensioner moves along precision cylindrical guides. The band saw is supported during the sawing process by slotted gaps equipped with plates made of a special self-lubricating anti-friction material (oxafen), which ensures its precise positioning and significantly reduces the noise level during the sawmill operation.

The sawmill is controlled from a remote control panel. The panel is equipped with an electronic ruler that programs the thickness of the removed layers of wood, as well as a regular ruler for visual control. The speed of movement of the movable carriage along the sawmill guides is regulated by a frequency Converter, and the smoothness of its course is provided by a chain drive. All the above-mentioned design advantages of the new sawmill ensure high sawing accuracy and quality of the lumber surface.

Since the main factor determining the performance of a band sawmill is the speed of the log positioning operation on the guides during the sawing process, when developing a new sawmill, the task was to "put" it on the guides equipped with the necessary devices for turning and clamping logs weighing up to 3 tons. An additional condition was the unification of these guides in order to be able to use them for all types of sawmills serially produced by Avangard LLC. This task was successfully completed.

Basic configuration:

  • 18 kW electric motor with a soft starter;
  • rigid compact frame with high-precision saw cross piece guides;
  • combined band saw support hub (supporting rollers and slotted block);
  • electromechanical drives for lifting / lowering the cross piece and longitudinal carriage movement with frequency control of the feed speed;
  • rigid saw carriage guides made of non-circular pipes;
  • chain-type turner with manual log hanging;
  • cant hook - 2 pcs;
  • remote control panel with electronic scale stick.

Options can be added to the basic configuration of the saw carriage:

  1. Claw device for removing lumber during the reverse course of the saw carriage.
  2. A container for collecting sawdust with an electrically controlled flap for automatic unloading at a specified location.
  3. Laser cutting pointer complete with stand.
  4. Bark-stripping cutter (debarker).

Specifications of Avangard-LP-80 S.E.N. bandsav sawmill with standard guides

Parameter Value
Maximum log diameter, mm 800
Log length, m 1 ... 6,5
Maximum sawing height (timber thickness), mm 400
Saw pulley diameter, mm 660
Saw blade width, mm 51
Bandsaw sawmill support type slit or combo
Saw carriage motion drive Electric drive
Cross piece lifting/lowering drive Electric drive
Sawmill drive motor: type, power, kW electric motor, 18
Gross installed power capacity, kW 18,7
Saw carriage motion guide type standard and mechanization
Overall dimensions L × W × H, m 8 × 2,6 × 2,2
Weight with guides, kg 1260

In the summary table, you can compare the technical characteristics of band saws.