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Avangard-RM-50-M2-P multi blade frame saw

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Avangard-RM-50-M2-P multi blade frame saw

Avangard-RM-50-M2-P multi blade frame saw

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Video of the multi-saw machine Avangard-RM-50-M2-P

Video of the Avangard-RM-50-M2-P multi-saw machine during operation.

All machines of the Avangard-RM-50-M2 line belong to a series of light multi blade saws of the frame (gutter) type designed for cutting wood. They are economical both in terms of waste wood and in terms of energy consumption per unit of volume of processed wood. The machine allows you to achieve high accuracy of geometric parameters and excellent quality of the processed surface of the resulting sawn wood products. Successful machine balancing adjustment minimizes vibration and noise during operation. Our company produces several models whose design features and functionality are determined by the functional use and requirements of consumers.

Avangard-RM-50-M2-P multi blade frame saw is the baseline model .

It is designed for sawing two-edged cant up to 240 mm in height and up to 450 mm in width, or unedged boards collected in an assembled pack on edged timber. The machine consists of a saw head and roll tables: feed and receiving. The saw head includes a feed mechanism for the raw material to be cut and a movable frame equipped with short gutter saw blades with stellite-tipped teeth. The maximum number of saw blades in the frame is 19, which provides a minimum board thickness - 16 mm. Positioning of saw blades is performed using special separating plates (packing pieces), the configuration of which is determined by the customer. Sawing is performed with vertical reciprocating movement of the frame with saw blades and horizontal feed of the material to be cut.

The productive capacity of the machine is determined by the cross-section size of the raw material being cut and the speed of its longitudinal movement, which is smoothly adjusted depending on the load and is 1 m per minute on average. The saw head of the Avangard RM 50-M2-P multi blade saw is mounted on its own foundation plate, so it is necessary to secure a level ground with hard surface for its installation. Otherwise, grout application shall be necessary. The design of the machine presumes connection of aspiration devices.

The basic configuration includes:

  • Saw head.
  • Roll tables.
  • Set of saw blades – 20 pcs.

The Avangard-RM-50-M2-P multiple saw can be adjusted so to produce box boards with a thickness of 6 mm and a width of up to 120 mm. For this purpose, the machine is equipped with the following (two additional options): a). container cassette installed in the standard frame of the machine; b). additional roller holders installed on the receiving and feed roll tables, which allows to cut shortwood with a length of 1 meter. In the container cassette, the distance between the saw blades is set not by the packing pieces as in a standard frame, but by collars of the right size.

Technical specifications of the Avangard-RM-50-M2-P multi blade frame saw

Parameter Value
Type of raw material to be cut wooden bar
Maximum cross-section dimensions of a bar, mm
- width, mm 450
- height, mm 240 (120 - when using in the case of a container cassette)
Length of the feedstock, m min. 1 (with additional clip) max. 6,2
Minimum Board thickness, mm 16 (min. 6 - when using the container of the cassette)
Maximum amount of saws per delivery, pc. 19
Raw material feed drive Electromechanical with smooth speed control
Amount of drive ripples, pc. 3
Amount of pressure cylinders, pc. 2
The number of double strokes of the saw frame in a minute 410
Installation of saws in a saw frame piece
Main drive motor 15 kW × 1000 rpm
Dimensions of the machine without roller conveyors, L×W×H, m 2,42×1,2×2,02
Roller conveyors length, m 4 + 4
Weight of the machine without roller conveyors, kg 1900

In the summary table, you can compare the technical characteristics of multi blade saws.