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Avangard-RM-50-M2-K multi blade frame saw

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Avangard-RM-50-M2-K multi blade frame saw

Avangard-RM-50-M2-K multi blade frame saw

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650000 RUB

Video of the multi-saw machine Avangard-RM-50-M2-K

Video of the Avangard-RM-50-M2-K multi-saw machine during operation.

The Avangard-RM-50-M2-K multi blade saw includes the function common for all multi blade saws in relation to sawing half-timber into edged boards, and the additional ability of sawing round timber with a diameter of up to 300 mm. For this purpose, the feed and receiving roll tables are extended and equipped with carriages that provide clamping of raw materials during the sawing process to prevent turning. In addition, in this modification, the upper clamps are made in the form of spiked feed rollers.

Technical specifications of the Avangard-RM-50-M2-P multi blade frame saw

Parameter Value
Type of raw material to be cut round wood 300 mm
Maximum cross-section dimensions of a bar, mm
- width, mm 450
- height, mm 240
Length of the feedstock, m min. 3, max. 6,2
Minimum Board thickness, mm 16 (min. 6 - when using the container of the cassette)
Maximum amount of saws per delivery, pc. 19
Raw material feed drive Electromechanical with smooth speed control
Amount of drive ripples, pc.
Amount of pressure cylinders, pc. 2
The number of double strokes of the saw frame in a minute 410
Installation of saws in a saw frame piece
Main drive motor 15 kW × 1000 rpm
Dimensions of the machine without roller conveyors, L×W×H, m 2,42×1,2×2,02
Roller conveyors length, m 4 + 4
Weight of the machine without roller conveyors, kg 1900

In the summary table, you can compare the technical characteristics of multi blade saws.